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A Few Good Youtube Videos For Ecommerce and Advertising Buffs


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Well up here in Canadia we’re working hard, but to all our friends South of the Border, we wish you a very happy Turkey Day. Here are some funny e-commerce / social media videos in lieu of serious content. Gobble, gobble and chuckle, chuckle.

A Few Good Creative Men

They Saw Ecommerce Coming

Back in 1967 the Philco Ford Corporation foresaw a time (1999) when we could shop from home, monitor our homes and keep track of our banking from personal home computers. This should make you smile:

Thanks to the Kanopee blog where I found this gem.

ATT WILL Help You Tuck Your Child In From A Phone Booth

If you want more retro videos, check out the Top 10 Worst Mac Commercials.

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