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Why is it so hard to monetize experience?

Today, customers use an average of 5 to 6 touchpoints when buying an item. In this fast-paced world of communication and information overload, consumer’s...

Four Things You May Not Know About API-First Commerce

As previously published on LinkedIn, Ana Milevskaja addresses the top four often overlooked benefits of API-first commerce.   API-first commerce, a.k.a. “headless commerce” is quickly becoming the...

How Ecommerce can become Carriers’ ‘Secret Weapon’ to Unified Customer Experiences

With increasing expectations for always-on internet and mobile services, many carriers are struggling on the frontend with customer experience. All the interactions — in-store, chatbot, email, phone, text, website, app, messenger service, Facebook — must be unified and personalized. Nearly seven out of 10 carriers believe this will be the single most important factor in customer loyalty.

Experience-Driven Commerce: making every moment shoppable (Updated)

Experience-driven commerce allows companies to embed commerce in any conceivable current or future customer experience. Best-in-breed commerce means focusing on two critical capabilities for retailers: business agility and customer intimacy.

Checkout-less Shopping: Faster Payments, Smarter Customer Data

A bad checkout experience can lead to an abandoned cart and a tarnished brand image. Surveys show that 70% of customers get irritated by...

Is Your Commerce System Vulnerable to Meltdown on Black Friday Cyber Monday?

During Thanksgiving 2016, Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit record breaking ecommerce sales in the United States. Over 108 million shopped online. Total sales...

To get ahead with Customer Experience you need Headless Commerce

A single-stack ecommerce platform could be limiting your company’s customer experience. Free the frontend from the backend with headless commerce.

Hype in Digital Commerce: 5 Rising Technologies to Watch

Digital commerce is playing a pivotal role in customer experience strategies. The world's leading research firm, Gartner, recognized that digital commerce is a key...

Shop with Your Steering Wheel: 3 Opportunities in Connected Car Commerce

We are entering the age of connected car commerce. Buckle your seatbelts. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 80% of vehicles (roughly 250 million cars) will...

What Does the Consumer Internet of Things Mean for Marketers?

Today's post originally ran on TotalRetail and has been updated. The consumer Internet of Things (cIoT) is here. But what exactly is it? It’s hard...

Top 4 Reasons Why Headless Commerce is Better for Customer Experience

As a follow up to a recent post on why top brands are abandoning monolithic ecommerce solutions, this article explores how the future of...

Virtual Versus Augmented Reality? Which One Will Win Out?

With the launch of iPhone X and ARKit, augmented reality has taken a giant leap toward becoming a mainstream technology rather than just a...

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