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Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2019 Statistics [Infographic]

How'd online shopping perform this past Cyber Week? We've compiled the stats from pre-Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday 2019.

10 ways to boost ecommerce this holiday season

The holidays are not a time to take a break when it comes to ecommerce, but rather an occasion to make adjustments to increase sales. To increase ecommerce sales, small improvements in processes and on the technical side are capable of providing an increase in revenue. Here are ten ways to help boost ecommerce this holiday season.

The US, China tariff war: surge in imports and what it means for holiday shoppin...

With consumer spending fueling 70% of the US economy, what impact is this tariff war having on shoppers? And with a 15% duty raised on imports to hit US soil by December 15th, how does this all impact retailers holiday shopping strategy?

Help Wanted: why 2019 holiday hiring should start now

With the busiest months of the year coming up, it’s time to start preparing for the holidays. Technology has been changing the traditional landscapes for workers. Ecommerce is a direct result of this change, and remote opportunities are one of its key appeals. We examined the most ideal positions to start hiring for.

Holiday Fulfillment Challenge: what you should have done in August for a Happy C...

Creating a painless holiday ecommerce season should have started as soon as last year's rush ended. But it might not be too late to prevent some of the pains. We present this Holiday Fulfillment Challenge. Challenge yourself to complete each of these items with time to spare before Halloween, and you’ll be all set when Black Friday rolls around. Let’s get started.

Is chargeback management part of your holiday commerce strategy?

As businesses start to gear up for the peak shopping season, we must not forget to plan for and prevent post-holiday chargebacks. This article will identify the three primary sources for all chargebacks and how to prevent chargebacks before they even happen.

6 Things to Tune TODAY to Prepare Your Mobile Experience for Holiday ’19

We have only 3 months until Black Friday 2019, and it's expected to be mobile commerce's biggest season ever. While August may be late to invest in new platform features and functionality, you still have 6 levers to pull to be mobile-ready by November 29.

Mobile’s impact on holiday shopping and how to compete next season

Based on Mobify's 2018 Q4 Mobile Commerce Insights Report, here are three marketing tactics retailers for a profitable 2019 holiday shopping season.