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Holiday Tablet Commerce Post-Mortem [Infographic]


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This week’s infographic is courtesy of ShopPad, looking at some stats on tablet shopping behavior over the holiday season.

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  • Tablet conversions were highest on evenings and weekends – not surprising considering tablet usage is typically done at home, weekday desktop shopping may happen while one is at work
  • Tablet shopping’s peak was Saturday, December 8, two days before Green Monday
  • Thanksgiving Day was also a popular day for tablet shopping
  • Average time-on-site was ~13 minutes
  • Average order value was $95.75, conversion rate 3.7% (higher than desktop)
  • 66% of iPad shoppers run iOS6
  • New York is the top state in the US for tablet shopping


  • People are converting on tablets. They tend to spend more as a segment than desktop users, but iPad owners also fall into a different demographic than the average Internet user.
  • Tablet users tend to surf during non-business hours. Consider this when planning email campaigns. If you can identify customers who converted on tablets, you can segment them into a campaign that targets evenings and weekends rather than lunch hours and early weekday mornings.
  • Social networks drive traffic to ecommerce sites. If social is a key part of your online marketing strategy, ensure your site is tablet friendly (e.g. responsive design).
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