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How Phonedeck and One Number are Disrupting Mobile


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Mobile gaming, mobile banking, mobile commerce, mobile marketing…it seems everything we’ve ever done online is moving to the small screen. Mobile devices are outselling desktops and laptops. And there are more iPhones sold per second than babies born.

But that doesn’t mean desktop is dead. And it doesn’t mean mobile can’t be disrupted — by desktop experiences. Phonedeck and Rogers Wireless are two examples of this.


Launched only a short week ago, Phonedeck uses the Android API to pull all your phone’s data into the cloud and beam it back to your desktop, allowing you to sync contacts across devices, check missed calls, view call stats by contact, and send SMS messages through your nice, large keyboard.

Rogers One Number

Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless recently launched a similar service. Subscribers can receive and place calls through a computer, anywhere in Canada, even if there is no cellular reception, without accruing long distance charges or counting against plan limits.

Digital Disruption

Both Phonedeck and Rogers identified the adjacent possible in the mobile phone experience, and were able to quickly bring innovations to market.

What I really find interesting is a reversal of the mobile trend. So much of what we traditionally have done on our desktops is being replicated for our mobile devices. Now mobile experiences are being translated for desktop consumption.

Funny that.

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