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SEO Techniques With Good Karma


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Karmaloop LogoKarmaloop, an urban clothing retailer and one of Internet Retailer’s Hot 100, deserves a big high-five for its SEO strategy. The site ranks extremely well organically for its brand-name terms in Google, Yahoo and MSN search by creating Wikipedia-style content pages for every brand it carries including Stussy, Freshjive and Paul Frank.

I found it remarkable that even with a very short write-up, Karmaloop’s Triple Five Soul entry ranks top 3 in Google for all Triple Five’s keyword variations: Triple 5 Soul, 555 Soul and T5S.

T5S Entry

Karmaloop also merchandises next to the writeup showing off the brand’s Top Sellers.

Paul Frank

Because the brand directory is hidden at the bottom of the page, I suspect this is done for SEO purposes rather than navigation. But it’s another way for customers to scan the product line as well – if they notice it way down there. It’s full of “trigger keywords” that are otherwise hidden in dropdown menus.

Browse by Brand

It appears only half the job is done, some brands only show products with no content writeup. I think every brand should have some sort of writeup as it’s also interesting to hear the “story” behind brands. I remember having several Stussy and Freshjive shirts back in high school but at that time I had no Internet and had no idea the history of the designers and concept.

Linda Bustos
Linda Bustos
Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.
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