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How Mobile Is Changing Ecommerce [Infographic]


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Keeping with the mobile theme this week, our Friday ‘graphic by KISSmetrics rounds up some sweet stats on mobile Web usage.

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  • In 2012, ~80% of US Web traffic came from desktop, 15% from smartphones, 6% from tablets Tweet this
  • In 2012 85% of desktop traffic was Windows vs 13% Apple OSX Tweet this
  • In 2012 95% of tablet traffic was from iPad, 5% other Tweet this
  • In 2012 72% of smartphone traffic was Apple, 26% Android Tweet this
  • It’s predicted mobile phones will overtake desktops as most commonly used device to access the Web this year Tweet this
  • Purchases made on mobile devices on Black Friday ’12 increased 40% vs. ’11 Tweet this
  • PayPal reports mobile payment volume increased 1.9x on Black Friday ’12 vs ’11 Tweet this
  • 1.66x more people shopped with mobile devices Black Friday ’12 vs ’11 Tweet this
  • Most consumers are willing to wait ~5s for a site to load on a mobile device vs. 3s for desktop users Tweet this
  • It takes over 10 sessions using an app for 44% of eventual buyers to make their first in-app purchase Tweet this
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