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Why January is chargebacks nightmare for retailers

Although preventing every return and chargeback is impossible, the first quarter of the new year doesn’t have to be a balance sheet disaster. When merchants understand why customers are filing fraudulent chargebacks as a way to reverse purchases, retailers can better protect their growing online business.

Shoptalk: what to know before you go

Get Elastic combed through this year’s Shoptalk schedule to recommend where retailers and brands need to focus their attention.

How the eco-friendly consumer breeds new subscription-based business models

As a subscription-based ecommerce retailer, Coyuchi's digital strategy is focused on various channels including the big social media players such as Facebook.

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3 debunked myths about dropshipping

Ever since the idea of it became mainstream, there has been a lot of concern about how viable dropshipping is as a business model. Here’s a look at three of the biggest myths still surrounding the idea of dropshipping as a business model and the truths that debunk them.

5 ways to boost sales on Amazon

Boosting your sales on Amazon doesn’t have to be an impossible task – learning how Amazon works and how to make your products sell is all part of the game when it comes to being an Amazon seller. With that in mind, here are five great ways to boost your sales on Amazon.

5 reasons ecommerce should embrace blockchain [infographic]

Blockchain eliminates third-party interference while facilitating most commerce systems today. It’s also cheaper and much faster, making it an ideal model for retailers. Check out this infographic to learn more.

Brian Beck, B2B ecommerce expert and author, on headless commerce...

In this short video, B2B ecommerce expert and author, Brian Beck, discusses why headless commerce is a great way for B2B organizations to future-proof their business.

Target marketing: Taking digital knowledge into real-life experie...

While it’s an exciting time for marketers as we leverage personal insights to add relevance to modern marketing experiences, we also need to be mindful that we upkeep the highest standards of both content and privacy.