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NRF 2019 Recap [video]


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The future and development of retail is changing rapidly and is now more purpose driven. For many folks retail was their first job, therefore, the industry as a whole has an instrumental impact on shaping how so many of us learn to work. The overall theme of the 2019 show was on impact and how technology is impacting not only the customer journey, but how retail employees can do their jobs effectively. The 2019 Big Show brought together over 40K attendees in New York City to discuss these impacts, address the industry disruptions and experience the latest innovations first-hand.

It could not have been stressed enough at the Javits Center – to stay competitive the consumer has to be at the forefront of all retail business objectives and strategies. The modern retail customer has the potential now to become both the producer and consumer of the experiences brands and retailers create.

Kristin Schepici
Kristin Schepici
As a content strategist and ecommerce evangelist, Kristin is dedicated to bringing Get Elastic readers top of mind topics and cutting-edge trends in technology and all things commerce.
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