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Michael Rasmussen  -  
Apr 18, 2019
6 minute read
Architecture matters, now more than ever, and the winners in the online battle are going to be the ones who have a platform that scales to meet demand, costs less to operate, and is flexible and adaptable to the future.
Mahendra Bajiya  -  
Apr 17, 2019
4 minute read
Amazon is dominating ecommerce by transforming the final mile – both physically and virtually. This article outlines four tips on how businesses can compete.
Adlin Sherley  -  
Apr 15, 2019
6 minute read
Big brands such as Coca Cola and H&M are using influencer marketing to boost their sales, engagement and overall brand promotions through influencers. Here are four ways you can too.
Kristin Schepici  -  
Apr 12, 2019
2 minute read
A weekly roundup or recap on commerce-focused topics and issues. This week's edition is from a Q&A session with retail tech newcomer, AWM Smart Shelf.
Vitaly Kuprenko  -  
Apr 11, 2019
7 minute read
This article lays out why a mobile commerce app is beneficial for your business and how to build an m-commerce design to attract users.
Kristin Schepici  -  
Apr 10, 2019
3 minute read
Ill-fitting clothes are not just an emotional hurdle for consumers, it’s also a $300 billion-dollar problem for apparel companies. Massively impacting revenue, sustainability and operations. While 3D body scanning isn’t revolutionary, it has been a long allure in apparel and retail.
Paul Matthews  -  
Apr 09, 2019
2 minute read
The future of voice recognition is looking bright. Given its current usage both in the home and on the move, it seems as though this technology will only get bigger over the next few years.
Ashley Lipman  -  
Apr 08, 2019
5 minute read
While it’s true ecommerce giants, like Amazon hold a big portion of the industry, there are still gaps in service and products that need to be filled. More importantly, there’s a lot we can learn from studying these ecommerce giants. Here are seven tips in the fight against Amazon.
Evan Klein  -  
Apr 05, 2019
3 minute read
With microservices, development experiments are not dependent on modifications to both the frontend and backend code, and therefore less risky. This gives developers more experimental freedom to try new development methodologies and easily conduct A/B testing.
Kristin Schepici  -  
Apr 04, 2019
3 minute read
The following articles will equip you with the 4 key questions to ask before selecting a commerce platform, outline 4 things you may not have known about API-first (or headless commerce), 4 reasons why headless commerce is better for CX and 4 steps to create a unified commerce strategy.