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Slow Load Times are Funny, … Right? Crazy Ecommerce Video #6


1 minute read

Do not adjust your screen! The eagerly awaited episode 6 of (everyone sing it now), The Crazy, Messed-up World of … Ecommerceseries Bananarama…rama…rama…rama crawls into the issue of ssssllloooowwww site load times and resultant errors.

Beware – As you watch the video, you may experience the dread and frustration of a server bonking out mid-session. You know when you are shopping along and all of a sudden the server drags to a slow crawl and by the time the hourglass/spinny-wheel stops, the site has lost it’s marbles. Your flow is lost and the site seems to have no idea where you were/are, what you were looking for and throws you back a heinous error. Fun over – insert coin to play again. Plus bananas are inherently funny.


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