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Today’s top 3 ecommerce marketing strategies


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We are in the height of the digital age, spearheaded by the internet, and all that comes with it. Along with having massive socio-political effects, the internet has an enormous impact on the way business is conducted. Ecommerce is now the mainstream way of doing business, and digital marketing is the primary method for advertisement. 

Digital advertisements have given small businesses a chance to get their word out and grow faster than ever before. In fact, for any business of today to stand a chance, they need to partake, or they will be ousted by their competitors. Here are some of the best ecommerce marketing strategies to help elevate your profits.

1. Email Marketing:

You may not think emails are as relevant as they used to be once upon a time, but you’re wrong. While not as many people would actively be reading their emails as, say, people scrolling their Facebook timeline, the fact remains that people still do. People are more likely to focus on what is written in an email than while navigating through a website. 

Email marketing is just as effective today as it was before and has some of the best return on investment of all digital marketing methods. Emails can be of various types. There can be welcome emails for when a new customer joins your platform. Reminders can be sent if a customer hasn’t checked out an item after adding it to their shopping cart. It is best to send digital receipts by email. Email can also be submitted for information on sales, promotional offers, etc. 

There are multiple reasons that emails work. Firstly, they are more personalized than a widespread ad campaign. They are also more targeted and thus, more effective. Lastly, many customers opt for email marketing campaigns because they want to know about the latest products and offers.

2. Content Marketing:

Content marketing involves creating new and original content – a customer would like and use that to promote a product without being too upfront about it. In an ideal situation, the customer should not even know they were marketed to, and yet be seeded with the message.

For example, fashion brands could have content about ‘the recent trends in fashion’ on their website, and a makeup manufacturer can have makeup tutorial videos, and so on. 

3. Web Design and SEO:

Web design should not be confused with coding. While any software savvy person could create a website, only those with experience in web design can make one that is appealing to customers. 

A good web design should be neat and uncluttered. It should be easy to look at and easy to use without compromising on responsiveness and load times. A company’s website is in many ways, its image, and it needs to be perfect for that reason. After all, would you like to stay in a hotel whose reception area is a total mess? 

A winning SEO strategy involves the process of making a webpage better suited to appear higher on a search result such as Google. While SEO is not synonymous with web design, the two are mutually exclusive. Good web design makes it easier for a search engine to open and navigate through a website to find what is relevant to a query. This, along with title tag, keyword usage, and optimized content, helps the website rank higher, thus driving more traffic to it.

It’s important to note that these are only a few of the many digital marketing ideas and businesses should choose precisely how many of these strategies to incorporate and to what extent.

Ashley Rosa
Ashley Rosa
Ashley is a freelance writer and blogger with a passion for the latest trends in technology and health-tech.
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