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Understand your customers’ experience to optimize your ecommerce site


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With the growing number of options available to online shoppers, your customer’s experience while searching your site will have a direct impact on your sales. 

Therefore, in order to fully improve and optimize for your digital customers you need to understand how your customers use your ecommerce site and other digital touchpoints. 

The more seamless the experience, the more likely the customer will return to your website or app. Even the smallest difficulty experienced by a customer could mean they shop elsewhere – and online, there are plenty of other options.

Having a business online gives you the great advantage of having data that you can use to backup or drive your decisions. You should, therefore, be taking advantage of that. 

Leverage social media channels to check-in with customers in order to find out when they are experiencing difficulties online and what these difficulties are. Most importantly, though, you should get to know the data. 

Ask yourself these questions when monitoring your customer experience (CX):

  • How often do you have repeat customers?
  • Do customers abandon their carts after items have been added?
  • How often do customers contact customer support?
  • How often do visits to your website convert into actual sales?

The goal is to make sure that your customers complete a purchase once they have started it. If they don’t, you need to figure out why this is and change it. 

Go beyond only looking at the data – see how the data relates to what it is that you are offering your customer and how you can improve the CX.

Make it easier

At checkout, get rid of the need for customers to create accounts and have as few fields to fill in as possible. You should also have a range of payment options. 

There are several brands that have incorporated Apple Pay and Android Pay into their app payments. PayPal is also a payment service that adds convenience for a lot of customers.

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A major concern for a lot of customers is the security of making a payment online. You can quell customer’s security fears by allowing them to use payment options such as PayPal. 

Generally, you should have a site that is easy to navigate, a checkout process with as little hassle as possible and customer service that is easy to contact. A webpage that loads easily is will also make the buying process easier and investing in a highspeed site is important if you want to stay competitive. 

The images that you have on your site for products also need to be large. You should have images from multiple angles that are easy for customers to see. Customers are more likely to purchase something if they have a clear idea of what they are buying

If, however, a customer does experience issues when on your site, they should be able to easily contact someone for help!


If you are really going to excel in the experience that you provide for your customers, you will need to extend your focus beyond your website. Consider other platforms like your social media accounts and, if you have the resources for one, your app. For example, customers are now able to shop directly from Instagram. You will, therefore, need to look at how you take advantage of this and offer it to customers in a way that is seamless and in-line with your brand. 

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Increasingly, customers are shopping on a mixture of platforms. You should be vigilant of the way that each platform differs in the way that they are used by customers. If your business is going to be able to successfully pull off omnichannel marketing, you will have to ensure that all departments are liaising and on board. The very advantage of operating across multiple platforms is that a problem faced in one area can be addressed by a channel in a different area. 

For example, if customer care is receiving a lot of complaints that there is uncertainty of how a certain product will look or work, you could send out a fun and informative email campaign. At the same time, your Instagram account could post a series of explainers on Instagram Stories. 

As long as the customer is at the center of your planning, you can smoothly incorporate several platforms and channels into how you market.

Anthea Taylor
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  1. Awesome stuff. It has very good information. It helps to be an innovative eCommerce leader in the industry. Always keep an open mind for learning new tools and strategies to fully improve and optimize for your digital customers. Very true that Good CX is necessary for sales. Thanks for sharing!


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