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What are the limitations of .NET core API? Things you should know


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For more than a decade, the .NET framework has been the main platform for Microsoft stack developers writing code. The framework is very popular when it comes to developing an ecommerce store – having  a full feature-rich set of tools suitable for building any type of app. 

As with most things in this world, there are disadvantages – as is with this framework.  .NET was specially designed for Windows, but its usage was purely limited to only building applications for commercial and industrial purposes as enterprise use Windows-based workstations by hosting their intranet apps on Windows Server. 

Here’s a look at the .NET core qualities that are getting left behind and how you can enable the ability to build native applications with better graphical user interface.

The trouble with Cross-Platform Audio Playback

The .NET framework comes with different libraries to play native audio on your Windows machines whereas .NET core does not have such ability. This indicates that the audio is designed differently for the different OS but the different Windows version makes use of the same set of APIs which leads to this problem. When talking about Linux, there is standard audio architecture on Linux namely ALSA for the content of an audio file. This can be one of the reasons why the developers of Microsoft decided to leave this feature off the .NET core.

NodeServices for Help

The simplest way to implement the audio playback feature is getting help from other programming technology. In the base installation of .NET core, you only need to contain the most basic functionalities that allow the platform to be usable. You can add other functionalities with the help of NuGet but as it is a new release, it does not come with many packages. The libraries which are depending on ASP.NET core components are used for developing web-hosted applications.

Enable GUI on your OS

Another crucial feature users miss out on from .NET core is a graphical user interface. It is something which is present in almost any native app, be it mobile or desktop, for interacting with the help of textual input and output. As compared to the core, the .NET framework has different ways of building native apps with GUI on Windows Presentation Foundation, Universal Windows Platform, and Windows Form. Each of this is not present in the .NET core because it works only on the Windows. As these technologies are not ported into the .NET core, you cannot build native applications with a GUI.

The Road Ahead

The code on the .NET core can run on any operating system be it Windows, Linux or Mac. Being relatively new and fresh, it does not contain more libraries as other platforms and there are chances to have a certain business-critical functionality be missing from it. 

The .NET core developers created NodeServices for leveraging the functionalities of node.js which is an OS-independent platform. We have seen how this library can be used to play the audio inside of a .NET Core application with the help of node.js. Hence, identify any common functionality that is missing from the .NET core and write a suitable library for enabling it to gain more enhanced experience and improve your reputation. 

Guest Contributor: Charles Richard is a business analyst at TatvaSoft UK, a leading .net development company based in London.



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