Andy Hoar and the Paradigm B2B Combine: Part 1 [video]


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We caught up with Andy Hoar to find out what he’s been up to these past 18 months. And from the conversation, it sounds like all amazing stuff!

After leading the charge on B2B commerce at Forrester for many years as Vice President and Principal Analyst, Andy is now the CEO and Founder of Paradigm B2B. According to his company website,, he and his team are guiding the medium-sized and mid-market B2B companies through the complex and digitally-disrupted commerce landscape.

Not only has he been busy with his new business venture, he’s also about ready to release a disruptive new research report into the market with Paradigm B2B Combine Report.

Taking a cue from the NFL Combine, where potential athletes are evaluated before they are drafted. Andy’s Combine takes a look at vendors and provides a “skills assessment” on their full capabilities for B2B organizations evaluating vendors.

Watch and learn more.

Kristin Schepici
Kristin Schepici
As the Editor of Get Elastic, Kristin is dedicated to bringing Get Elastic readers top of mind topics and cutting-edge trends in technology and all things commerce.
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